How It Works

We Provide

Kids at the Point provides an environment in which your child will thrive emotionally, socially, intellectually, and physically. We value the uniqueness of each child and provide activities and experiences that will give children an opportunity to learn new concepts and work with concepts already learned. Learning activities and daily routines are developed specifically for the developmental level of your child. This ensures that your child will have many successful experiences during the day and his or her self-esteem and sense of competence will grow daily.

Learning Approach

Young children learn best when they can experience rather than be told about that for which they have no prior knowledge. "Hands on" activities and experiences are the most meaningful for the child at this age. Allowing children to direct part of their learning ensures that their "need to know" is satisfied. Providing teacher directed activities gives children an opportunity to focus outside themselves. Whether the activity is teacher directed or child directed, learning at this age is active!