Kids at the Point uses an exclusive educational program which provides unlimited opportunities for the development of the whole child. There's a unique curriculum for every age level, centered around developmentally appropriate and fun activities that help children develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. KATP provides care to medical center employees as well as community members.

Toddler Program

» A safe, clean classroom that supports your child's need to explore.
» Research based curriculum that is learned through play based activities.
» Easy access to safe, age appropriate materials that support your child's learning.
» Trained professionals who focus on your child and build a relationship with them that stimulates learning.
» Songs, stories, poems and finger plays that build your child's vocabulary and strengthen communication skills.
» A daily schedule that keeps your child busy, focused and engaged.
» Open access to parents and family.

Two Year Old Program

» Trained professionals who understand the active learning style of the two year old.
» Warm and responsive relationships with teachers that enable your child to begin to understand how to self regulate.
» A language rich environment that supports the acquisition of literacy skills.
» Classroom materials that encourage problem solving and discovery.
» A carefully organized classroom that supports children's play and learning.
» A daily schedule that is structured to provide both small group and large group experiences.
» Opportunities for parents to understand what their children are learning and how we are supporting their development.

Three Year Old Program

» Trained teachers who implement a research based curriculum in an individualized, developmentally appropriate program.
» A classroom environment that is designed and equipped to stimulate thinking, problem solving and self reliance.
» A daily schedule that allows children to move naturally through routines and activities and encourages participation and cooperation.
» Warm and responsive relationships with teachers that support learning and personal growth and enables children to thrive academically.
» Open access for parents to play an active role in their child's early education.

VPK & Four Year Old Program

» Developmentally appropriate, research based curriculum that exceeds the Florida State Standards.
» Ongoing child assessments that ensure parents of their child's growth and learning.
» Language rich environment that enables children to begin reading and writing in a relaxed and confident manner.
» Activities and materials that stimulate problem solving and discovery.
» A daily schedule that includes large group, small group and individual learning activities with certified teachers.
» Warm and responsive relationships with teachers that enable children to acquire the skills and knowledge for success in Kindergarten.