The teachers at Kids at the Point bring over 299 years of experience to our teaching team. Our lead teachers are credentialed by the State of Florida and maintain ongoing professional development by attending national, state and local conferences. Our goal is to create a safe, nurturing, healthy school environment in which your child can not only learn but thrive as a self reliant, self assured child.

Best Practices

We follow the best practices set forth by NAEYC in their program standards and accreditation criteria. We use developmentally appropriate teaching methods that support each child's learning and development within the context of the program's curriculum goals. Our approach includes structured and unstructured experiences that may be adult directed or child directed. We respect the child's interests, learning style, needs and capabilities. We use a variety of instructional approaches so that we can ensure the success of your child's program experience.

Parents Included

Parents are included in every aspect of their child's experience at Kids at the Point. We welcome parent involvement and include our parents in all decisions made for their child.